Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things I Miss About Not Being Pregnant

At 39 weeks pregnant with baby #2, I've realized that this time around, there are a lot more things I miss about not being pregnant. I think the reason why I haven't enjoyed this second pregnacy quite as much as the first is due to two reasons, 1) everything happens sooner than it did the first time. 2) I've been preggo longer this time then the first.

Anyways, here is my list...
  • Zippers and buttons on pants - I bet you $5 I walk around at least twice with unbuttoned or unzipped pants after baby is born.
  • Towels - the standard size towel was not created for the 32 weeks+ pregnancy body 
  • Not having necessary articles of clothing - with maternity clothes, you don't realize the need for certain articles of clothing until you really need and don't have it. Example a maternity swimsuit.
  • Being able to remove yourself from the couch at any giving time - getting off the couch is a process. One that could take me at least five minutes. After I realize I need to get up, I move to a upright, edge of the couch siting position and then let me body get used to that position, then slowly stand. Next, let my hips/joints get use to the standing position and then slowly start walking to make sure my legs aren't going to give our because my hips don't want to function.
  • Deli sandwiches - my favorite food in the world, I can't eat for 10 months because of the nasty Listeria bacteria found in cold colds (and many other foods.) Unless I want to microwave my deli turkey before adding it to my sandwich (yuck) it's my most missed food/drink.
  • Alcoholic drinks - any one who knows me well, knows I'm not a bring drinker. But I hate that I can't have a Strawberry Mango Margarita at Applebees, or a Carmel Apple Martini at home just because it sounds good.
  • Shaving my legs - they get shaved once a week and that's it. I have to suffer through a bath (I hate baths) because it's the only way I can shave, since I can't bend over in the shower, mostly because I will fall over, but also because I can't reach very far.
  • Having a normal poop - Everyone does it, so I'm not embarrassed to add this publicly to my list, but really though, I just want to have a normal poop. Being pregnant messes a lot of things up and going to the restroom isn't a quick task, oh no, things take time.
  • Not waking up every hour to go pee at night - when I'm not pregnant, I wake up once or twice a night. I'm use to it, but when I'm pregnant, its like every hour on the hour, every night. Just remember my getting up off the couch process? Insert that here since I'm coming from a laying down/sleeping potion....5-7 times a night.
  • Being able to sleep in any position I want - you're suppose to sleep on your side. Well my right hip hurts a lot, so I really can't lay on that side for long, and I can't lay flat on my back and for obvious reasons laying on my stomach is out. So some nights, I'm just angry.

While there are a lot of things and more, that I miss while being pregnant, it's all worth it. Ten months really isn't that long and at that end of that sometimes miserable duration of time, I get to hold and cuddle a sweet little baby in my arms making it all worth it. And then in a couple of years, after I've forgotten the misery, I'll want another one and may just go through the whole process again....

If you've been pregnant before, what did you miss the most? If you've never been pregnant, what are you not looking forward to missing out on, while you are baking a baby?

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Amanda White said...

Haha-love the list! Soon enough you can get back to them :)