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Chances are you have found yourself at my blog by either...

1) I sent you the link, therefore you feel as if you have to visit, at least once.
2) By complete accident.

If it's the latter, I hope you stick around and read a little bit. If reading this blog was forced upon you, I hope you at least stay a while, and maybe even subscribe.

Anyways, if you don't know anything about me...

Who is LHelms?
Short answer... I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I can be funny and I'm a good listener. I'm a pretty good baker too.

When Blogger asked me to fill out my profile, here is what I came up with...

About Me:
I’m a mommy and wife and still one of those 20-somethings. My beautiful and spunky daughter is almost 3. She is the most amazing little person I will ever know. My husband and I are learning every day how to navigate this wonderful thing called parenting.

I love reading and baking. I’m a social media junkie and I could not live on this earth without music. I’m also guilty of being a binge TV watcher.

I love watching movies, but I don’t watch them as often as I would like. But my go to movies are: Once, Across the Universe and 500 Days of Summer. The Notebook, Bridesmaids and The Wizard of Oz are favorites too.

I love this generation’s take on music. Of course there are great, great songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but I’m really not an Oldies listener. However, give me the Beatles anyday and I’ll be happy. I’m not a fan of the 80’s (ahh, yes you read that right) and the 90’s well it was the 90’s. My love lies with Justin Timberlake. My favorite music comes from the voices of: Mumford & Sons, The Swell Season, Bruno Mars, Adele, The Civil Wars, The Stokes and Imagine Dragons.

Ahhhh. Books. I’m a book addict. I can’t say no to books - ever. I read a lot. Not as much as I want too. I tend to read Paranormal books. My guilty pleasure is paranormal YA books. Yes, I was a HUGE Twihard. But I also read Romance and books that fall into that “Bestsellers” category (Fiction). To me, a good book is one that you can get completely lost in. You forget about reality. Book series are my achilles heal. I love them and hate them. You have to really invest in a book series; money and time. Great book series give you a bittersweet feeling at the end. You go through a withdraw from the fantasy world you’ve been stuck in and yet you are relieved to enter  the real world again. My favorite book series: Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Southern Vampires. I loved 50 Shades of Gray, anything by Julie James, Kristan Higgins, and Amanda Hocking. My all time favorite book, the one I recommend to all my girlfriends is Can You Keep A Secret by Sophia Kinsella.

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