Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sophie's Party

Sorry for not posting in a few days - It's been a very busy week!

Sophie's party was this past Saturday - you know the one I've been practicing my cake baking skills? Yeah, that one. Well. Let me tell you that no mater how much you practice, things can and will go wrong. Her cake was a disaster!! 

It all went terribly wrong when the last layer of the cake broke in half as I was moving it to the rest of the cake. Then the cake was just extremely crumbly. Cake was breaking off when I was dirty icing it. Then I ran out of frosting. The hubs had to go to the store and pick up more ingredients but because I made the next batch at a different time, it wasn't quite the same. 

Once I frosted the cake, it looked horrible, I added some color and it still looked bad. 

If you're thinking "man, it looks all lopsided and strange" then it's because it was!!! I was one stressed out momma!! 

But really, all that matters is that Miss Sophie loved it and had a wonderful party!

- Lauren 

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Amanda said...

I think it's perfect! HOW CUTE!!