Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Baking with Babies

Baking with Babies is a blog about what I'm passionate about.

I love being a mommy. And I enjoy baking. When my little girl (Sophia) gets excited to "help" me bake, it puts the biggest smile on my face. However, I won't deny that sometimes, just sometimes I'd like to bake in peace - who wouldn't? Really, what is "mommy time"? Anyways, look forward to recipes and posts about being a parent.

If you know me, you know that I am an avid reader. I will definitely use this blog to share great reads. Occasionally, I'll post about what TV shows have me hooked and great or terrible movies I've recently seen.

In the near future you will see some posts about our struggle with infertility. It's something that my husband (Robert) and I are going through right now and we need a place to talk about it. But don't get scared away yet, this is not all I will blog about - promise.

Baking with Babies will not be an infertility/pregnancy blog, food blog, parenting blog or book blog. The perfect category for BwB would be a lifestyle blog. My lifestyle. 

My promises to you...
1) I'll try to post on a regular basis. But I won't post just to post.
2) There will be grammar and spelling mistakes. ALL THE TIME!
3) Tons of cute pics and stories. Great recipes and hopefully ideas for your next read!

- Lauren

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mrs.waddington. said...

I am really excited for recipes and stories!! And pictures and all sorts of goodies from your blog!! I am hoping you can inspire me to start my own! Although I am not sure i have much interesting stuff in my life to log, here.