Friday, August 2, 2013

"When are you gonna have baby #2?"

At some point after you have baby number one people start asking "when are you going to have baby number two?" At first you laugh and brush it off, then you start thinking about it, then you start talking about it. Before you know it you've set a date for "this is when we are gonna start trying for number two." That date comes, and for us it went and now a little more than a year later we are still hearing the question "when are you going to have baby number two?" 

With Sophie everything about getting pregnant and my pregnancy was quick and easy. Seriously. I think I was off birth control for all of about 5 minutes and BAM we had a sweet little bun in the oven. I had a healthy pregnancy and miss Sophia was ready to meet the world three full weeks early. Which of course was fine with her momma. 

Easy is not in the cards for us this time it seems. After about 5 months of trying on our own and 5 months of basic fertility drugs from my regular doctor he decided it was time to see a specialist. So we went and met with a specialist. I actually felt relieved. I love my doctor but knowing that we were finally seeing a man with a plan...for us; I felt relief. 

Side note - Fertility Specialist office's are plastered with baby pictures. 50% of those pictures contain more than one baby. How exciting. 

After meeting with the doctor we were instructed to each get some tests done before a treatment plan could be determined. For me these were just additional tests but for Rob (sexiest man alive - he literally just referred to himself as that) this was the first and only test he had been instructed to take. You know, that one when they count your little swimmers. 

Anyways, once said tests were taken and the results were in, we could finally talk about a treatment plan. I don't know what I was expecting, but all the tests came back normal. Yay!! I think. But if we are two healthy 27 year olds who have already successfully had a child, why are we having problems? I still don't know that answer, but I do know that we have a plan and I really hope this plan works. 


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mrs.waddington. said...

I am soooo so so happy to hear everything came back normal!! It only validates even more that you guys are going to get pregnant with a precious little baby [or babies!!!!! ;)] in the very near future!!!! yayyyy!!!!!!