Monday, August 5, 2013

My Little Singing Monster!

This past weekend we attended a fundraiser for the Dekalb Human Society. My folks organized and funded this event; calling it Barrie & Pam's Animal Jam 2013. The fundraiser had a great turn out, a little more than 100 people came by for pizza, cookies, drink and some great raffle prizes. The main form of entertainment was the live music and open mic.

During the open mic, my little one decided she wanted to sing a song on the stage. I was singing a couple of songs later in the night with my dad, and we had been talking to her for the last few weeks about singing a song. Honestly, we thought there was no way she was going to sing, she may be a little ham and social butterfly, but she does have a shy streak in her.

She was adamant about getting up there and singing. So I took her up on the stage and she sang a song!

Sophie Sings! from Lauren Helms on Vimeo.

As you can see in the video, she starts off strong, realizes that she is singing in front of a bunch of people and kinda freaks out. I should have sang the whole song with her and she would have been fine. But it was super cute that she wanted to sing like her mommy and grandpa.

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Amanda said...

OH MY! What a cutie!!!!!!!!! Maybe she can sing at our wedding too :)