Sunday, October 6, 2013

Taking the Fertility Drugs

Please note, this post will be too much information for some, don't feel like you have to read any further if you aren't thrilled about other people's TMI.

Once I finally started my cycle, I had to go into the specialist's office for an ultrasound. This ultrasound was transvaginal (internal not the one they use when you're pregnant over your belly). The reason for this ultrasound is get a picture of how many eggs I have in both ovaries. Plus, they make sure there are no cysts, if there is a cyst and you start taking the injections, that could be bad news bears.

So, all was good on my ultrasound. That next day, I needed to start my meds. On day three of my oral meds, I started the injections. I was super scared to give myself the injections, so my wonderful husband swooped in and saved the day by giving them to me instead. I expected it to hurt, but it didn't really. 

In total, I took eight days of meds. The morning after I finished my last injection, I headed back to the doctor's office and had another ultrasound. This time, things weren't so good. I had eggs, but none of them were mature. One egg was 16mm and most of the rest were between 11mm and 14mm. Meaning the amount of medicine just wasn't enough. I felt majorly defeated. I know it was nothing I could have done to change the outcome, but I still felt defeated. 

So the doctor decided that it was best to take two more days of medicine then go back for another ultrasound. So during ultrasound #3 we found that I had one mature egg measuring in at 22mm and a 16mm and 15mm. So with that, the nurse as able to administer my trigger shot. I opted for the nurse to administer it instead of Rob, because this one was scary looking! The medicine needed to be mixed and the shot was huge. Plus, it went into my back hip area. Let's just say, the amount of pain I was in for the rest of the day would have been 10x worse if Rob had been the one to do it. 

So the day after the trigger shot, we were instructed to "do it" two days in a row and then every other day for a week. If this thing worked, then I'll have to see the specialist a few more times and get two more ultrasounds before I'm released to my OBGYN. If it doesn't work, we will have a rest month and then start again. 

So that is that. Now we just have to wait...

- Lauren

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mrs.waddington. said...

so glad camping didn't interfere with the sexy times!!! don't you get to take a pregnancy test, like soon-ish?? gosh, i am antsy for you!!