Thursday, August 29, 2013

My TV Fall TV Schedule

So yesterday I shared with you my love for TV. Today, it's time to actually show you the madness.

Here it is....
Returning Shows in Blue. New Shows in Green.
Below is a list of all the shows and their return date. 

9/20 - The Last Man Standing - You can’t NOT have Tim Allen in your weekly TV viewing  
9/23 - Castle - This is priority show for us! One of our favorites!
9/24 - Lucky 7 - I’m not sure if this will be a good show, but as part of the BradyGames Lotto group, I thought it looked fun.
9/24 - Trophy Wife - I like Malin Akerman, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she does in a 30 min comedy.
9/24 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - No explanation needed. But I really want this show to be great.  
10/2 - Super Fun Night - Rebel Wilson can be a tad scary. But I love her. I hope this show does well.
10/3 - Scandal - I love this show! It is one of my favorites, but I tend to let episodes stack up so I can watch a bunch at a time.
10/10 - Once Upon A Time in Wonderland - We liked OUaT but cut it after the first season. I don’t remember why but Rob loves himself some Alice and Wonderland.

9/24 - Mom - So, I’m not sure about this one. Sometimes I’m a fan of Anna Faris, sometimes not. Most times not. I loved House Bunny and What’s Your Number, but nothing else.
9/24 - Hostages - This one looks promising.
10/26 - The Big Bang Theory - I watch this one sometimes with Rob, but he and Sophie like to watch it together.
10/26 - The Crazy Ones - I’m really looking forward to this one. It looks really funny!
10/26 - Elementary - I really don’t watch this one. It’s one of Rob’s shows.

10/7 - Hart of Dixie - I absolutely adore this show. It’s one I watch as soon as I can.  
10/9 - Arrow - This is a Rob show.  
10/9 - The Tomorrow People - This looks like something right up Rob’s ally.  
10/10 - The Vampire Diaries - I loved this show then this past season I got really pissed off at it and stopped watching it. I plan to catch up before the season starts, but I don’t know if I will be able to continue watching. We will see.  
10/10 - Reign - This looks interesting. It doesn’t seem like a CW type show though.
10/15 - The Originals - This is a Vamp Diaries spin off. We will watch this even if we decide to not continue with VD.

9/16 - Bones - This was one of our binge shows last summer.
9/16 - Sleepy Hallow - Its Sleepy Hallow, what more can you say?  
9/17 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine -  Two words - Andy Samberg...
9/17 - New Girl - This is probably our FAVORITE show. We laugh and laugh every week.  
9/17 - The Mindy Project - This is pretty funny if you like Mindy Kaling.  
9/26 - Glee - This is my show yo.
11/4 - Almost Human - Interesting. Looks like something Rob will enjoy more than me.  

9/23 -The Blacklist - Yet another thriller esque show for Rob to enjoy.  
9/24 - Chicago Fire - We really like this show. There are a lot of cop shows on TV these days, so it was nice to have a Fire Fighter show.
9/25 - Revolution - Rob LOVES this show!
9/26 - Parks & Rec - Oh Parks & Rec, you make me laugh.
9/26 - Parenthood - This is a great show about family and all the drama that a family goes through I highly recommend this show.
10/2 - Ironside - CASEY CARTWRIGHT from Greek is a supporting member so I will give it a try just for her.  
10/3 - Welcome to the Family - This could be funny.
10/5 - Dracula - We love ourselves some Vamps in the Helms house.
10/25 - Grimm - This is a wonderful show, but I hate that it doesn't come back on until the end of Oct.  

So there you have it. What shows are you watching this fall? Did you add any of the shows above to your list? 



Amanda said...

The only show I watch on that list is Parenthood! Hahahaha! But, I believe it is one of the best. Although I've never heard of 90% of what's on your list!!!

My favorites:
Breaking Bad
Modern Family
Happy Endings
How I Met Your Mother

And my guilty pleasures:
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Anything TLC/bride show
Duck Dynasty

Aue85 said...

The Parenthood is a wonderful show! We enjoy Modern Family but it didn't make this list year year. Happy Endings was one of our favs too, before it got canned. We also enjoy HIMYM but last year we had like 8 eps that we needed to watch then our cable box broke and we lost them all. Now we are just too far behind.

Duck is one of our favs too. I guess I didn't factor that show in since we are all ready watching the new season. KUWTK are on the DVR too. I love the craziness! My favorite guilty pleasure is Millionare Match Maker - don't ask but I can watch for a full day and NOT get bored! Other than those two shows, I don't watch those kind of shows.

TrueBlood is also my favorite, but it only lasts 13 weeks out of the year and the season just ended. We also like The Newsroom! Both are HBO shows!